The Frank Pierce Residence

This house has a special story. This home is located in the Windermere neighborhood is has been extensively renovated by professionals who kept the style of Arthur Loveless in mind as they updated the home for today’s lifestyle. The family that took on the project did so because they loved the rooms and space that was already there and could take existing spaces and update them for today’s needs. Going there, it is hard to determine what is original and what has been renovated which is exactly what their intent was.  The history of the home is special. Arthur Loveless had a long relationship with Lawrence Colman, having designed a home for him plus a renovation of the Colman building and eventually, Colman dock. Colman also bought some of the earliest properties in the Windermere neighborhood and hired Loveless to develop those lots. This property has been confirmed to be the very first home built in the Windermere neighborhood and the very first inhabitant was Frank Pierce. It has a stunning view of Lake Washington looking south toward Madision Park and the 520 bridge. It has a lakefront cabana and a dock.  The current owners are very much preservation minded and are happy to be part of the Loveless legacy.  

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